Conflicts Dynamic Profile
Written by Azfar
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 10:58
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Conflict is present in all organizations and in all relationships. Conflict holds the potential to promote innovation, increase new perspectives, and enrich relationships. Yet, most people believe their managers are awful at conflict resolution, and most people feel that conflict has unhappy outcomes.

Those who manage conflict processes well are among the most effective. Fortunately, you can learn which strategies produce constructive outcomes and which produce negative ones. You can learn the key behaviors that enable you to make conflict a useful and constructive process. But you first need to know what your typical strategy is and how active or passive that strategy is in order to identify the best path toward conflict-constructive interactions.

Researchers at Eckerd College decided to watch and observe 1000s of managers and explore how they manage conflict and the answers are integrated in the Conflict Dynamics Profile tool. You can get a self-report that compares your results to managers or a multi-rater report where you learn how others experience your conflict management style.

The Conflicts Dynamic Profile® is published by the Leadership Development Institute at the Eckerd College.

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