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Multirater Feedback
Written by Azfar
Monday, 07 May 2012 04:41
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It is often said that feedback is the breakfast of champions. If we want people to continuously improve their performance then we must provide quality feedback to them. Feedback that is relevant, accurate, timely, and focused on creating positive behavioral change.

A.I. MIR, our consultants, and partners have created multi-rater feedback solutions based on research and sound scientific grounding. Chose from one of worlds best multi rater-feedback tools below or request a meeting with our team to help you make the choice.

If you would like to be certified in the use of any of these multi-rater tools, please visit the certification programs section of our website.

For information about any one of our services, please clink on the tool below:

  1. Type 360
  2. Leader Agility 360
  3. Voices 360
  4. EQ 360
  5. CDP