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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 10:53
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The VOICES ® Leadership Assessment - The World's Premier Leadership Development 360 Assessment

VOICES® is a 360 degree multi-rater tool used by executive coaches, leadership development practitioners, career development coaches, and talent management professionals to assist clients in improving their leadership effectiveness. The assessment is easily administered through the web and produces multiple reports, depending on customer need. Rater responses are reported on a 7 point scale covering "Towering Strengths" to "Can't Rate Clearly." When appropriate, those qualified to administer VOICES® may easily customize the instrument by selecting just those competencies to be rated and the number of reports they wish to use.

VOICES® assesses 67 competencies and 19 career derailers that most impact job performance and promotion. It is a research based instrument and considered the world's premier leadership development tool. As part of Lominger's Architect Suite, it is available in multiple languages. It demonstrates excellent internal consistency and test-retest reliability. In terms of validity, VOICES® has 20 years of research on its underlying constructs and possesses predictive criterion validity.

VOICES® provides detailed feedback on competencies including skill ratings, narrative report, blind spots, hidden strengths, importance ratings, group summaries on skill ratings and importance ratings, emotional intelligence (EQ) report, comments by raters, the skill importance matrix, staller/stopper ratings, harmfulness ratings, and other graphical displays of the data.

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