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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 11:12
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Every great performer in athletics, entrepreneurial efforts and leadership will tell you that focusing on the right thing at the right time is essential to success. Further, knowing your information and decision style and your interpersonal patterns gives you greater potential control over your talents.

The TAIS® is used by Executives from the top 100 global corporations, Olympic athletes, and Special Military Services personnel. The tool is effective in leadership development, individual coaching and organizational consulting initiatives.

The TAIS® is used to assess the types of situations and conditions in which people are more likely to perform at their potential. It can be used to address selection and development goals, particularly when high levels of stress and pressure are involved in the individual's environment.

The TAIS ® is a rich report that is complete with attention, distraction, and interpersonal related results. The inventory assesses 20 different concentration skills and personality characteristics. Optional reports include business teambuilding report, sales report, management development report, business leader report, and two-person interaction report.

Comprehensive in data presentation, the recipient of the TAIS ® report and profile will know what specific areas to address to aid development and enhance performance.

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