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Work Styles Predictor
Written by Azfar
Thursday, 03 May 2012 06:24
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“Training new employees all the time is costing me a fortune. Maybe I should just hire the first person who applies. The results could hardly be worse.”

Hiring decisions for line employees don’t have to be that hit or miss. Our unique web-based Work Styles PredictorTM (WSP) makes those decisions fast, easy and effective. Best of all, your hiring managers can make these sound decisions in just minutes. The result will be employees who are reliable, productive, do quality work and work well with others.

Everything You Need to Make the Right Decision

WSP combines the key tools to help get the right people in the right job at the right time. It combines the WSP Job AnalysisTM and TESTLinkedTM Interview Questions to provide a clear signal that will make a real difference in your bottom line.

Using WSP means:

Instant results
Increased employee productivity
Increased training effectiveness
Decreased turnover

All because you measured the right things and picked the right applicant.

Measuring the Qualities that Employees Need to Succeed

With WSPTM, you’re measuring core competencies that are important in virtually every job: Dependability, Team Orientation, Customer Focus and Problem Solving. And with the added flexibility of our optional modules you can also screen for: Sales Ability, Quality Focus, Safety Focus and Patient Care.

Sound Decisions with Solid Backup

The strength of the WSPTM is that you select higher-quality employees who want to work and stay with you longer. WSPTM also means you have a tool that addresses concerns about legal issues in interviewing, evaluation and hiring.

Built on success profiles, can be administered from any computer, easy-to-use and reliable. You get all of that and more with Work Styles PredictorTM.

To schedule demo of the WSP system, how to customize it for your organization, or to set up your account, please Request a Meeting with our team

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