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Leader Agility 360
Written by Azfar
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 10:47
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Leader Agility 360:

Leader Agility 360 is based on assessing eight core dimensions of leadership that are essential regardless of leadership role, organizational type, or cultural context. Raters are asked to identify the frequency, effectiveness, and importance of these leader behaviors.

A leader’s behavior matters. How leaders learn, adapt, communicate, make decisions, build relationships, and manage change are just some of the aspects of this tool. Your customer can learn both how they are perceived and what others want them to focus on to be more effective.

Benefits to you:

•   Cost effective: every step of administration, monitoring, and scoring your client reports is designed to save you time and effort
•   Quality: Research studies confirm 8 leader dimensions that are essential in any leadership role, any economic sector, and across cultural variations
•   Efficient: 64 questions measure 8 dimensions of leadership and you can print your reports immediately — your client gets information that is to the point and with immediate access to his or her report

Download a Leader Agility Sample Report (PDF file)

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