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Team Development
Written by Azfar
Thursday, 03 May 2012 06:34
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Having the right people working for us is not enough, we must help them gel and work together as a team.

A.I. MIR, our consultants, and partners have worked with and helped develop some of the best teams around the world. We also use some of the most valid and reliable tools, methods, and assessments that help us to this end.

To learn about our team development programs, please visit the programs for leaders and programs for managers sections of our website.

For information about some of the tools we use in the area of team development, please click on the tools listed below:

  1. MBTI Step II
  2. DISC
  3. FIRO
  4. TKI
  5. Voices 360
  6. CDP
  7. Type 360
  8. Leader Agility 360