Written by Nazia
Monday, 22 April 2013 12:11
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Teams helps you ensure your teams perform to their maximum ability, are motivated and loyal by answering questions such as: where are the power struggles? What motivates them? What leadership style will inspire them?

Teams are critical to driving effective performance in any business. But the majority of teams are significantly underperforming on what’s possible. And the cost to the organisation is huge*.

So how do you ensure your teams are performing to their maximum ability? And what’s the key to managing them as an operational unit, rather than just as individuals?

Thomas Teams, used in conjunction with Thomas PPA enables you and your teams to understand their strengths, limitations and the value they bring to the business. It will enable you to boost the performance of your team by managing them more effectively.

Thomas Teams provides you with a profile and will answer your many questions, including:

• What role does each person play within the team?
• Where are the areas of weakness in the team?
• How do we address those limitations?
• Are we playing to the strengths of each team member?
• What leadership style will inspire my team towards high performance?

Use Thomas Teams to inspire your team to achieve more, pinpoint training needs, and identify skills gaps that can be filled through recruitment.

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