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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 10:43
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Type 360 is based on personality type patterns that reflect the use of eight mental resources. Your customers can learn how they are perceived and how others want them to flex to be more effective.

Type 360 is based on assessing the demonstrated behavior of the eight processes of psychological type. Raters are asked to identify the frequency, effectiveness, and importance of behaviors related to Extraverted Thinking, Extraverted Feeling, Extraverted Sensing, Extraverted Intuiting, Introverted Thinking, Introverted Feeling, Introverted Sensing, and Introverted Intuiting.

Benefits to you:

•   Cost effective: saves time and valuable resources — there are no "middle men" as you administer the instrument to your clients or for your team
•   Quality: based on 30 years of research linking personality to leader behavior for a customer focused report
•   Efficient: 64 questions measure 8 dimensions of personality and you can print your reports immediately — information that is to the point and provide immediate access

Download a Type 360 Sample Report (PDF file)
Download a Technical Report on Type 360 and Leader Agility 360 (PDF file)

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