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MBTI® Specific Competency Focused Advanced eLearning Program
Written by Azfar
Saturday, 05 March 2011 12:12
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Program Fee: $450
CEUs – Continuing Education Units: 1.8
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Duration and Program Flow:

Approximately 18 hours of learning. Participants will work on their own pace in this eLearning program. There is a competency assessment in the end. Once you complete the competency assessment, you will be eligible for the CEUs.

Program Overview:

The program is for individuals who are already qualified or eligible to purchase the MBTI (Myers Briggs personality Type Instrument). Such professionals will find this program useful in enhancing their understanding and application of the MBTI.

If you are not already qualified, eligible, or trained in the use of the MBTI, please visit the Certification Programs section of our website.

Program Curriculum:

•   Type Theory
•   Type Development
•   History
•   Interpretation
•   Psychometrics
•   Type Dynamics and Mechanics
•   MBTI Step II

Assessment Description

Carl Jung introduced the theory of psychological type and Isabel Myers enhanced that model to bring us the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® instrument as a way to "make perceptions clearer and judgments more sound"

The MBTI ® tool is the most-administered personality type instrument in the world, and after sixty years the incredible power and complexity of this model for development is still being discovered. The MBTI tool has successfully been used by organizations around the globe to address their needs in the areas of team building, leadership development, conflict management, career development, coaching and more.

Our partners, Qualifying.org® provides in-depth training for the MBTI® tool, always administering the MBTI® Step II, the most up-to-date and powerful version of the MBTI® tool. For an in-depth look at Step II, view our other courses in the Advanced Programs and Certification Programs sections of our website.

What's included?

•   MBTI® Manual
•   YOU: Being More Effective in Your MBTI® Type
•   Introduction to Type and Emotional Intelligence
•   Applications Download
•   Your own MBTI® Step II Report

To learn more about this program, please Request a Meeting with our team.

Note: This eLearning program is for those already qualified to purchase the instrument and are seeking to enhance competence and gain CEUs.

Please note that the above price includes standard shipping costs of the supporting materials in the United States. If your order requires shipment of the materials internationally, you will be charged the tuition cost above plus the international shipping costs.

Cancellation Policy:

There is no cancellation policy for these programs. There are no refunds after you register for this course.

Special client-site arrangements:

Organizations with a number of individuals seeking to complete an advanced training in interpretation strategies with individuals and groups may find it more cost effective to arrange a two-day, client-site program. Client-site programs are often customized to your desired development outcomes and/or linkages to others tools, strategies, and goals. To learn more, Request a Quote


Partner’s Info:

MBTI and MBTI Step II are published by and are trademarks of CPP
This eLearning program is designed by Qualifying.org®.

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