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Type360® and Leader Agility 360® Certification Program
Written by Azfar
Saturday, 05 March 2011 12:12
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Program Fee: $0
CEUs – Continuing Education Units: 1.0
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Duration and Program Flow:

This program includes two eLearning modules that participants complete at their own pace. Participants should expect to spend about 12 to 16 hours in the program.

Once you complete the modules as well as the Learning Confirmation document, you will receive the CEU’s and be eligible to administer, interpret, and apply the two multi-rater tools. What’s more, our team will also help you set up your own account so that you can start to administer the tool.

Program Overview:

Enjoy the value of two programs in one!

The program is designed to appropriately orient you with the ability to administer, interpret, and apply two multi-rater tools – The Type360® and the Leader Agility 360®.

The program will allow you and your client to gain a unique insight about how their use of the mental processes of psychological type are demonstrated and linked with the core dimensions of leader agility

You will get application tips and tactics for applying the personality type or the leader agility dimensions for team or client effectiveness

You will get a career flow map and development maps for planning appropriate type and leader development growth activities/experiences.

The program is for people who would like to use these multi-rater tools or develop a deeper understanding of the link between psychological type and leadership effectiveness.

The program allows for focus on practical application techniques for the most effective development outcomes-a running head-start toward effective use of the tools in your work.

Program Curriculum:

Web modules guide you through:

•   Basic Frameworks (Theory that drives the reports)
•   Technical Issues (Evidence of validity)
•   Preparing for Feedback (Reading the Report)
•   Interpretation Strategies (Best Practices)
•   Using the Administrative Site for the 360 Suite

Assessment Description

Type 360 is based on assessing the demonstrated behavior of the eight processes of psychological type. Raters are asked to identify the frequency, effectiveness, and importance of behaviors related to Extraverted Thinking, Extraverted Feeling, Extraverted Sensing, Extraverted Intuiting, Introverted Thinking, Introverted Feeling, Introverted Sensing, and Introverted Intuiting.

Type 360 is based on personality type patterns that reflect the use of eight mental resources. Your customers can learn how they are perceived and how others want them to flex to be more effective.

Benefits to you:

•   Cost effective: saves time and valuable resources — there are no "middle men" as you administer the instrument to your clients or for your team
•   Quality: based on 30 years of research linking personality to leader behavior for a customer focused report
•   Efficient: 64 questions measure 8 dimensions of personality and you can print your reports immediately — information that is to the point and provide immediate access

Download a Type 360 Sample Report (PDF file)
Download a Technical Report on Type 360 and Leader Agility 360 (PDF file)

Leader Agility 360 is based on assessing eight core dimensions of leadership that are essential regardless of leadership role, organizational type, or cultural context. Raters are asked to identify the frequency, effectiveness, and importance of these leader behaviors.

Leader behavior matters! How leaders learn, adapt, communicate, make decisions, build relationships, and manage change are just some of the aspects of this tool. Your customer can learn both how they are perceived and what others want them to focus on to be more effective.

Benefits to you:

•   Cost effective: every step of administration, monitoring, and scoring your client reports is designed to save you time and effort
•   Quality: Research studies confirm 8 leader dimensions that are essential in any leadership role, any economic sector, and across cultural variations
•   Efficient: 64 questions measure 8 dimensions of leadership and you can print your reports immediately — your client gets information that is to the point and with immediate access to his or her report

Download a Leader Agility Sample Report (PDF file)

To learn more about these assessments, please Request a Meeting with our team

What’s included?

Fee is inclusive of all study materials, manuals and booklets, and participation in the web modules.

The material includes:
•   ELearning Modules
•   Technical Guides
•   Comprehensive Material Downloads
•   360 account setup


Special client-site arrangements:

Organizations with a number of individuals seeking to complete an advanced training in interpretation strategies with individuals and groups may find it more cost effective to arrange a two-day, client-site program. Client-site programs are often customized to your desired development outcomes and/or linkages to others tools, strategies, and goals. To learn more, Request a Quote

Cancellation Policy

There is no cancellation policy for these programs. There are no refunds after you register for this course.


Partner’s Info:

Type 360® and Leadership Agility 360® are trademarks and tools developed by
Leadership performance systems Inc. who also offer comprehensive consulting service that links your talent management and succession planning activities with appropriate assessments and methods.

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