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Innovator's Accelerator (IAc)
Friday, 22 August 2014 05:36

Duration: 4 Weeks
Fees: $1168
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Program Overview:

Innovator's Accelerator® (IAc) is a concentrated and powerful learning experience that gives your employees the radically practical skills they need to generate transformational change and infuse a culture of innovation throughout your organization. The condensed, interactive experience is delivered digitally—to a desktop or mobile device—and features three of the world’s most respected authorities on innovation, each of whom has spent decades studying business innovators and the techniques they use to come up with creative ideas.

Program Curriculum:

  1. Discover their own innovation baseline and develop skills to make it grow

  2. Learn how to create trailblazing solutions to workplace challenges

  3. Break the confines of traditional thinking to ignite bold ideas


Innovator’s Accelerator (IAc) Helps you Become More Successful in Your Work

The Innovator’s Accelerator® concentrated, independent online training program accelerates an individual’s ability to become more innovative. Enabled by a dynamic learning platform, lessons can be accessed anytime from virtually anywhere so your team members can participate at their own pace and when best fits their schedule.

With IAc, participants will…

  1. Increase their possibilities to fulfill business targets

  2. Discover their own innovation baseline with the “Innovator’s DNA Self-Assessment” and develop skills to make it grow

  3. Learn how to create trailblazing solutions to workplace challenges

  4. Practice breaking the confines of traditional thinking to ignite bold ideas

  5. Apply new skills immediately in a personalized Action Plan


Personal coaching included

If you have any questions about how to best implement this new learning, take advantage of 60 minutes of personal coaching before you start the program with our consultants. There is no extra charge for this service.

For Companies

Even with collaborative idea management software to collect, select, and manage your idea flow, organizations need more than just an IT platform. Your employees will grow and get inspired from creativity training and exercises to think outside of the box to further develop new and better ideas.

“statement from Ericsson”

For Individuals

In today’s economy you need to develop a broad creative skill set and the know-how to contribute to your company’s future. Whatever your position may be, you can learn how to be an innovative thinker, build a broader collaborative network and contribute to positive change in your workplace.

Private or open forum

Groups of 50 or fewer employees will interact on an individual basis with other participants around the world. Groups of 50 or more can be set up in a private online environment so teams can discuss organization-specific business issues.

The Experts

Learn from world-renowned experts who have sparked innovation in some of the globe’s most powerful companies.


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