Dealing with Diversity
Written by Azfar
Saturday, 05 March 2011 11:08
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Duration depends on specific needs. It is normally a 2 to 5 day program. Smaller seminars may be 1 hr. in duration.

Program Overview:

The program helps participants work effectively in teams of diverse individuals. The diversity may be based on age, gender, ethnicity, culture, geography, title, education, income, work experience, work location, language, religion, mental ability, physical ability, departmental (units, groups, sub groups), work style, communication style, values, preferences, motivation, beliefs, personal habits…

The focus of the program is to help the team understand the benefits of working together, become comfortable with diversity, and deciding together to work in ways that will help the individuals, teams, and organization achieve their objectives and synergize.

Program Curriculum:

  1. Understanding the Benefits of Cooperation

  2. Exploring the perils of not working together

  3. Surface and Deeper Level Diversity

  4. Iceberg Effect

  5. Developing a focus on Common Goals

  6. Working on Aerodynamics (to make use of opposing forces)


For more information about this service, please request a meeting with our team.

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