Optimize Stress, Maximize Success
Written by Azfar
Saturday, 05 March 2011 10:48
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2 days

Program Overview:

We cannot avoid Stress! Not all of it anyway. We cannot, and should not want to eliminate Stress! We CAN determine the impact it will have on our life! We CAN make informed choices and manage ourselves in a way that improves performance and reduces the harm that stress can have on our bodies and minds.

This program will help us understand the impact stress is having on us and equip us with proven tools and techniques to manage ourselves with respect to the stress in our lives. We will understand that we need stress, learn to identify our stress optimization level, and become clear about what we need to do to perform at higher levels.

Program Curriculum:

  1. The Psy-Phy (Sci-Fi) Connection

  2. The Stress Response

  3. The Stress Equation

  4. Poorly Managed Stress Vs. Properly Managed Stress

  5. ABCs of Stress

  6. My Stress Levels Assessment / Feedback

  7. Bio Feedback Mechanisms

  8. Self Imposed Stress – Planning and Management

  9. Managing the Stress Response – Breathing, Progressive Relaxation, Refuting Irrational Ideas.


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