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Innovation Management
Written by Nazia
Monday, 21 October 2013 04:43
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• Assessment
• 3 day Program
• Post Program Follow up

Program Overview:

If you believe that innovation is critical for the long term competitiveness of your business then “Leading Innovation” is the right experience for you. This program helps leaders answer the following questions:

  1. What do innovators do that non-innovators don’t?

  2. How can I build capabilities that will enable my team to innovate effectively?

  3. Where does innovation fit in with business strategy?

  4. How can I create a culture that fosters innovation?

We will share best practices, methods, tools and strategies that work and have been tested and observed when working with our clients and partners in organizations of all sizes. These include Fortune 500s as well as small single city operations with the U.S and Asian markets.

Program Curriculum:

  1. Leader's Innovation Assessment

  2. The Types and Dimensions of Innovation

  3. Innovation and Strategy

  4. The Behaviors that feed innovation

  5. Development of Innovative Teams

  6. Innovation Philosophies and Processes


For more information about this service, please request a meeting with our team.

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