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Written by Azfar
Thursday, 28 July 2016 20:12

Are you going back to the drawing board re Performance Management? Whether you are looking to evolve your existing system or leave it behind for an entirely new one, you are not alone. Over 90% of the organizations we have surveyed are looking to improve their Performance Management systems and practices. Our Research, Experience and Programs can guide your teams in designing the Framework and Systems suitable to your specific needs as well as enhance your organization’s capability in Planning, Driving and Evaluating Performance.

Program Overview

Our impact-based Performance Management Training Program is divided into four key modules- Design, Plan, Drive and Evaluate - with a focus to institute best practices and create a culture of high performance.




Driving Performance is often the difference between a Performance Management System that is either transactional or transformational.

Participants will learn how to use lead indicators to manage their business effectively; Provide feedback in a manner that reinforces the right actions and behaviors; course correct when needed; and use performance data for continuous capability development.


Regardless of the frequency of evaluation - continuous, monthly, quarterly or annual - an effective evaluation and its documentation can help the organization as a whole learn and grow. Performance evaluation impacts both the hard and soft aspects of an organization. Employee engagement and motivation; organizational development; and integration with other HR systems are all dependent on effective performance evaluations

Participants will learn how to effectively prepare for and manage the evaluation process as well as document the outcome.



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